Charity Bribes –– A new concept in charity fundraising: philanthropic extortion.



Charity Bribes is a platform that allows anyone to create a bribe to get a celebrity to do something awesome in support of a charity, like "Bribe Morgan Freeman to spend an afternoon narrating user-submitted animal videos to support The Humane Society." People pledge money to that bribe and, if the celebrity takes the bribe and does it, the money goes to the charity indicated. Our first success––and first bribe––was to get Larry David to join Twitter. He joined and posted his first tweet after fans had pledged over $10,000 to support the NRDC. A bribe amount even a curmudgeon like Larry couldn't turn down.


Millions of impressions.
Over $10k raised for the NRDC.
We actually got Larry David to join Twitter.

Created in collaboration with
William Burks Spencer

Illustrations by Rachel Frederick